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To understand where Magick Man is coming from, take the following quiz.

Magickman Spot Quiz:

Before you can seriously build a magic performance, you must follow the Three Divine Rules:

  1. Decide upon a specific magical character and be that character onstage at all times. The character has a backstory, personal, family and cultural history, personal aims and preferences, charisma, alignment, etc.
  2. Collect about a dozen tricks & routines that satisfy your magical character's preferences, beliefs, attitudes and aesthetic.
  3. Arrange and build an act from the routines selected for that magical character's performance. Keep the script close to the character's character. Draw upon the actual history of the performer whenever possible -- then you don't have to memorize a whole bunch of fake personal history.

Now then, even before those conditions have been satisfied, you must answer the following question: Exactly what do you hope to accomplish by performing theatrical magic?

This may require several answers, in which case number them according to their greatest importance, such as:

  1. To bring people's attention to the subject of parallel worlds.
  2. To earn a living at this.
  3. To understand how to communicate these ideas.
  4. To open the possibility of new worlds to myself and others.
  5. To get enough money to be able to afford a car so I don't have to bus to busk.


What is the "job" of the magician?

To my way of thinking, performing "magic" with either a casual or formal audience has the potential to rekindle the Sense of Wonder, the questioning of Reality, which we all had as children and which we were forced by the military-industrial society in which we live to give up, in favor of "reality", which is defined as work five days to "earn" the relief of the weekend, and to work for most of our life to win the "reward" of retirement, which usually consists of living with a spouse in unfamiliar and uncomfortable 24 hour contact and constant compromise and hours of exposure to daytime tv.

What a life.

When the magician works to re-awaken the Sense of Wonder, the magic show takes on a very different character. It's on the order of what happens when ordinary people meet and are touched by a Master Spiritual Initiate.

People are changed by experience.

The experience of seeing the impossible causes anyone, even another magician, to seriously question the nature of universal laws of physics...and that's good.

Once this questioning process is rekindled, nothing can stop it; there is a road ahead, and it is a road of revelation, initiation and change.

And that's my whole point.

Even though you are not a High Spiritual Initiate, you can use performance magic to actually get people in life-pain started on The Path...just the first step of many, but one step leads to the next.

This is just one Secret in the Way of Service.

Email me for help in selecting a performance routine just right for your skills, situation and temperament.

Are you shy? Inept? Clumsy? Uncertain of your skills? Afraid of commitment? Too busy? Too tired? Too poor?

Performance magic will cure all, AND put you directly onto the Path of the Way of Service.

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