Neither a Lender Nor a Borrower Be. Short but fine.
Check out this captivating website for a different take on fragrances and the uses of essential oils.
Dedicated to what makes America Beautiful and what makes us proud. Dig into this site for inspiration and education. It will coach about what makes us proud to be American.
If you are an angel, know an angel, would like to know an angel or are just curious about angels, visit this intriguing website.
Tarot decks including Albano-Waite tarot deck, Rider tarot deck, Salvador Dali Universal tarot deck, Universal Waite tarot deck, and many, many more. Get tutored about tarot on this inviting website.
The Bardo Training Center is the place to go for the scoop on Bardo training.
The Bardo Training Center is the place to go for the scoop on Bardo training.
Where the dead can come across net services, entertainment, art and where it's Hallowe'en Every Night -- Here you will find Web Services for the Recently Deceased, along with a nice variety of Skulls and other Gothic Accessories to enhance your Dungeon's Decor.
Urgent care at its best. "We're Here When You Need Us"
"THE BEST KEPT SECRET in North America" is how Harry Nilsson described his friend E.J. Gold when they reunited after 30 some years .... E.J. Gold is an artist, game developer, writer, and musician. Browse this riveting website for more info.
Articles, chat and one on one advice that goes beyond just putting food on the table. We all know that the kitchen is the heart of the house, producing food for the body and food of the soul. Glance at this website to find featured articles as well as our musings about nourishing love, and about simple living and health.
A Tribute to Horace L. Gold, Founding Editor of Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine, Beyond Fantasy Magazine and editor of If SF Magazine. Galaxy Magazine under Horace's editorship also contributed some stories to the NBC radio show, X-Minus-One during the mid-1950's.
Gamexx -- The gaming exchange for bardo games and safaris. Educate yourself about the various uses of games in Bardo training.
Since 1971 Gateways as offered books on consciousness, metaphysics, self-transformation, inner work, the fourth way, transpersonal psychology, spiritual gaming, Judaica, and Afterlife Adventures.
E.J. Gold is Gorebag the Lost. Game designer and developer, musician, artist, Bardo trainer.
Heidelberg Editions International is the fine art publisher to E.J. Gold and the Grass Valley Graphics Group. Here you'll find biographies about the artists and their paintings, pastels, charcoals, ceramics and sculpture, information about current and past exhibits, features including their work with celebrities such as Wynton Marsalis, Harry Nilsson, John Cage, listings, books and videos, art classes, the Woodstock Impressionists, the School of Reductionism, and much more. You can buy fine art prints, notecards and ceramics or shop for museum reproductions of great art from the Vaults of Time.
SHOP For Egyptian Sterling Silver Jewelry, Ancient Art Reproductions, Tomb-style Wall Reliefs, Handblown Egyptian Glass Perfume Bottles, Made-in-Egypt Gifts, King Tut Papyrus Scrolls, Gold-leaf Museum Replica Statuary, Egyptian Alabaster, all manner of Bastet items, exquisite Mother of Pearl inlaid Jewelry Boxes, Drums & Tamborines, and Chess Sets, Scarabs, Anubis, Egyptian mugs and cups, genuine Egyptian antiquities, and much, much more!
Institute for the Development of the Harmonious Human Being assists individuals and groups studying ancient esoteric teachings of spiritual awakening, metaphyics, bardo training and personal transformation under spiritual director E.J. Gold. Topics include Voluntary Evolution, practical work on self, personal Bardo Training, attention, presence, awakening, enlightenment, objective art invocation, sacred prayer, alchemy, inner work, higher consciousness, Gurdjieff, the fourth way, death and dying, the American Book of the Dead and other practical spiritual material.
Museum of Ancient and Modern Art (M.A.M.A.) is an online exhibit devoted to education world-wide on all aspects of ancient and modern culture as it effects arts and sciences.
The place to go for "only the best" in CDs.
On Pagan Website you will run across the largest selection of pagan items anywhere. Leaf through this exotic new age, metaphysical, esoteric, psychic sciences, paranormal, pagan, wiccan, magickal & mystical items and information, sorcerer's stones, wizard's wonders, necronomicon games and books, pagan art, home furnishings, housewares, gold and silver jewelry, gemstones, rings, amulets, pagan & metaphysical books, Isis items, altars, spells, Judith Spellcaster silver jewelry, audio and video tapes, new age and metaphysical dvds, cds, cdrs, pagan games, pagan glassware, pagan ceramics, pagan sculpture plus pagan, new age and metaphysical music CDs and much, much more
Home of the Musicians Rebellion -- Join or Be Left Behind. Dip into this original website and find out for yourself.
Angel Embassy's Official Angel Gift Shop, where you will find Angel Jewelry, Angel Gifts, Angel Books, Angel Music, Angel Videos & more.
A comprehensive directory of hospice and end of life services. If you have information to share, click here. If you are looking for information, click here.
Meet the next generation of jazz. The Jazz Website is all about nurturing the next generation of jazz. Look here for musician listings, music reviews, and much much more.
Click here to explore the basics of web page development. Tru3.com hosts the "Web Truths" website development pages.
A whole lot of nothing.
Wnki is the home page giving hints and tricks for using the Web Neandrathal Knowledge Interface system.
The rarely updated homepage for web developer and programmer (C++, Java, Perl, ...) Claude Needham. If you dig into around you'll find some interesting bits and pieces.
Zen Basics is an attention trainer for the essential self. Specially designed to work with the higher attention of the non-phenomenal essential self..