Welcome to Magick Man

Although this site is specifically for my magic students training for Magic-for-Life service at hospitals, hospices and homeless shelters, all are welcome. The site has every effect that I presently perform and that I expect you to build into your act under my direction and, yes, I fully realize that there are many thousands of magic tricks out there. I've selected for this site only those effects that I actually use. When you answer my questionnaire, I'll be able to design a customized magic act just for you.

Whittling many thousands of magic effects down to a precious few is not an easy task. I've created a few of my own gaffs and gimmicks that weren't out there, and they're included on this site. For those who want other items not made by me, I recommend my good friend Paul at Hocus-Pocus -- the best magic store on the planet, bar none.

If you are totally new to Magic-for-Life, get the Change Bag Routine to start out with. It will serve you well, and can be used for hundreds of different "tricks" and effects. Along with French Drop Secrets, it provides the very deepest foundational basis for your Magical Path.