Beginner's Magic Course -- Pack 1

Price: $79.80

You get TWO DVDs, one on the French Drop and another on the other four effects, plus by ordering as a Pack, you save a lot in shipping, a total savings of at least $55 in the U.S., and $70 overseas.

You will need one roll of 20 US half-dollars or half-euro, loonie or equivalent that measures about 31mm in diameter for the French Drop. I do NOT include the coins because I have no idea which country you'll be performing in and there's no sense sending for your country's currency, paying the shipping on that plus the currency conversion rate, then shipping the money back to you, not to mention the risk of theft. Never send cash in the mail!

  • Secrets of the French Drop FREE DVD
  • Fleetzie & Flootzie the Acrobatic Ants $19.95
  • Houdini Ring Effect $19.95
  • Elephant to Mouse $19.95
  • Vanishing Pig $19.95


In addition to all the above tricks, when you order the Pack, you get a FREE DVD with full STEP BY STEP easy to follow instructions on how to make each trick work and how to weave the five tricks into a nice little street, bedside, party, table-hopping, small stage or club performance.

Total for the above $79.80

THIS IS A COMPLETE ACT IN ITSELF, providing months of self-observation, self-study, high attention, perfection of motor skills, correct breathing and sensitivity to the mental and emotional states of your spectators as well as yourself. Truly a full plate of work on yourself for the benefit of others!