Beginner's Magic Course -- Pack 2

Price: $49.95

I have reworked the pack 2 list. You get the following effects:

  • "Pinned" Card
  • Magnetic Playing Card
  • Thumb Tip Standard
  • Rare Earth Magnet Single
  • Knitted Steel Ball
  • Beginner's Non-Sleight Fake Egg with plastic yoke
  • 9" pro magic red silk

These are all related effects in that the props and gaffs tend to overlap. You get all the above effects plus a performance DVD.

You can make your own Cap & Bottle if you like, or order one pre-made from my workshop ... see below.

If you want the upgrade pro pack, which includes the super-realistic soft thumb-tip, Cap & Bottle effect, triple magnets and spinning rings, add $85.

If you want the PRO fake egg which requires a sleight move, and which includes a "secrets" DVD, plus a large acrylic champagne glass and two more 18" silks, add another $60, making a total of $194.95 for the PRO version.

Remember, it CAN be done with the non-pro version, and upgrades are always available later, if you want to wait a bit.