Linking Rings & Ropes

by E.J. Gold

Price: $125

You get the full monty, best PRO rings ever, plus great linking ropes and my comedy routine ... more than just a linking ring bit -- it's a whole act in itself, DVD included gives performance ideas, comedy bits for a four-ring system, perfect for hospital visits, terminal wards, homeless shelters and hospice work ...

My routine is derived from what I learned from Chris Capehart back in the day and, of course, Pop Haydn, plus my stage work with Orm McGill, whom I consider one of the all-time great linking ring performers as well as being the Dean of American Hypnotists.

I have also included some ring secrets of my own. You will not be disappointed! This is way over the top from what you're used to seeing in typical magic shops and onstage! There is more to the linking rings than you could ever suspect!!!

A great way to learn the psychology of spectator manipulation, concentrated attention, self-study, and compassionate comedy. Really gives you a clear insight into what makes people tick and how to revitalize the Sense of Wonder! Takes them right out of the standard reality-box!