Comedy Effects


Slomo Pig

My very own hysterically hilarious reputation-maker, this comes with all the gimmicks, gaffs and routines you'll need, production boxes, pig, DVD and special performance CD included.


William Tell Arrow

A terrific follow-up to the Slomo Pig, my William Tell routine can devastate an audience. Gimmick, DVD & CD included.


Slomo Levitation

Terrifically funny levitation effect will tear up a crowd into hysterical nonstop laughter. Developed by Claude Needham and myself. Starts silly, ends with real magic.


Zandor The Zombie

Exclusively my own, this zombie levitation is a funny bit that can fit in any show.


Vanishing Bandanna

Definitely different, comes with DVD, performance CD and special handmade gimmicks, and it's entirely my own take on this effect.


Sawing Self In Half

Nobody does it like this. The comedic routine and gimmick are entirely my own. You make the gaff yourself to save lots of $$$. You get my DVD with step-by-step instructions on making the gimmick, performing the routine and ideas for publicity and promotion.


Panty Raid

You select a volunteer from the audience and with a magical gesture, remove his or her underwear, then replace it with another wave of the hand.