Slomo Pig

by E.J. Gold

Price: $399.95

My very own hysterically hilarious reputation-maker, this comes with all the gimmicks, gaffs, costumes, absolutely everything including the pig! You'll also receive all the routines, moves and sleights you'll need for this gut-busting effect, plus a full instructional and performance DVD, along with the special performance CD recorded in my studio, all included with your SLOMO PIG kit.

You will never see anything as funny as this. Since it is essentially a mime act, you can perform it anywhere under any conditions, totally angle-proof and language-proof!

My routine for the SLOMO PIG will absolutely tear up ANY audience, or your money back!!!

The value in this effect is the incredible pig, the handmade production box and basket, and our knee-slapping comedy routine, improv developed & written and performed by Claude Needham and myself back in 1980 for the Nevada City Comedy Theater!