Vanishing Bandanna

by E.J. Gold

Price: $125.00

You've just received a package from "Trick of the Month Club" and you can't wait to try it are told to take out a bandanna from the shipping box...instead, you find a banana, which you are then instructed to fold, fold again, and place in a folded kerchief. Laughs, laughs, laughs, all the way through this gutbuster routine.

There are many versions of the Vanishing Bandanna, but I think this has the best audience appeal for both adult and young.

You get the DVD showing the complete routine, yellow bandanna, devil's hanky with dirty bag gaff and the CD from which to perform the piece...almost everything you provide the banana. You can get bananas for around a dime a pop at a wholesale to the public type grocery outlet. I include my own very funny performance CD if you want to do it my way, which is mostly mime.