Zandor the Zombie

by E.J. Gold

Price: $69.95

Features my very own handmade Zombie Doll, and my very own comedy routine, based loosely on an idea given to me back in the day by Carl Ballantine back in 1955.

Zombie rising from the dead - amazing - no one could possibly guess how it's done, unless they look -- at which point, they WILL laugh when they see what you're doing!

A fun easy zombie levitation anyone can do. Perform it solo or with a helper - always making sure you assure your audience that no threads or strings are being used. A very funny little routine to perform with friends, family or in a club at tableside. Works really well on the street, but is really intended as a club piece.

This Zombie has the perfect shape and firmness to levitate just the way you direct it to.