student questionnaire

Would you like to learn my secrets of Magic as a Way of Service? You have merely to fill out the questionnaire below and send it to me. I will analyse your responses -- I may ask a few more questions in order to more fully understand your goals, limitations and situation -- and then I will undertake to design a complete custom magic act just for you.

Full Name:


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Where do you live?:


Where would you perform?:


Do you have an assistant available at all performances?:


Have you any previous experience with performance magic?:


Do you have sleights skills? (If you have to ask what they are, you don't.):


What do you hope to accomplish with your performances?:


Do you need to make an income from your magic performances?:


What type of venue: street, club, theater, mall, seance parlor, online or ...?


What budget do you have in mind for your starting kit?


What have I not asked you that I should have asked?