How To Take Magic Lessons From Me Online

1. Subscribe to my course. You can learn at your own pace. You receive one routine at a time, starting from NO SKILL level and building up as fast or as slowly as you like. You can order the next lesson anytime you want. Nothing will be shipped to you that you don't specifically order. When you're ready for the next lesson, you simply say, "send me the next lesson". You also have the option, if you prefer, of having us ship each lesson to you once per month or once a week, if that's the pace at which you want to work.

2. Each lesson deals with a specific topic -- everything from stage fright and shyness to adept slow-motion sleights in the round. The routine is designed to give you performance problems to deal with, in a very easily confrontable learning curve from easy to extremely challenging. My course is designed to introduce skills slowly and to build on the previous skills acquired from earlier lessons. The course is very specific and does require some serious application and dedication to perfection of the skills.

3. You get to attend LIVE online classes where you can ask questions, post videos for critiques and learn routines from the masters.

4. As a Academy Member, you are entitled to bring guests to our Members Only Magic Mansion Events at the Magic Mansion in Grass Valley, California.

5. When you are certified as a Magickman Entertainer, you are entitled to perform tableside at the Magic Mansion, and may be invited to perform at the Magickman Festivals at the Equinox and Solstice Holidays. Halloween is Sťance Night at the Mansion.

6. Each lesson varies in cost, because the equipment costs will vary. I have no control over the cost of the equipment. None of the routines I perform and recommend are considered expensive. Often, professional gear will cost in the thousands and tens of thousands. None of my routines are in that category.


7. If you have some existing skills and you want me to help you build an act and develop a script, music, lighting, staging, timing, skills building and rehearsal and performance settings, I can arrange that. What we'll do in this case is select a number of routines that work together and suit your character and intention, then write a script, record music, set up a trigger track for the cues on the music CD, learn each effect and time it perfectly, measure audience reaction with live audiences, work out staging for a variety of venue types and of course work out ticket prices, costuming, makeup, promotion, public relations, publicity, advertising, handbills, posters and much, much more.

My specialty is close-up and stage, which means you can perform on the street, in small clubs, on small stages, larger stages and some concert halls. For stadium performances, you'll need something on the order of a vanishing 747 or a levitating herd of elephants under which you wouldn't want to be.

The effects and illusions I have selected are only a few of the very choicest of many tens of thousands available. I have exercised my personal taste in this selection, reflecting over 60 years in the magic profession.


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