Trick Selection Guide

trick selection

I have several levels of entry into the magical field for you to decide upon... I can make any level of performance, with gear, gaffs, gimmicks, routines and packing info, venues, and pre-show setups. After we decide on venue, it's going to be about money. You need to make an entry-level decision here, about your budget for your startup magic biz. Here are the levels:

  • $100 -- buys you ten tricks ideal for street busking work, hopsital visits, closeup work in general.
  • $200 -- this level is slightly more professional, and you get a higher level of effect.
  • $500 -- your main effect will be a street levitation, combined with other very fascinating effects with relatively short routines.
  • $1,000 -- the start of a professional act, I provide a number of very high-level effects for street, club, bedside, starting with a levitation and adding padding for a complete act.
  • $5,000 -- now we're talking! you will have a full professional act at this level.
  • $10,000 -- at this level, you're at the very top. of course you could spend more, but why??? this level of act could work anywhere, on any stage no matter how large the audience.

I want to point out that when you're working with me, you'll be spending about 10% of what you'd expect to invest in a magic act. I don't believe that more money buys better tricks. It's all a matter of careful selection and an understanding of how time works in a presentation.