Magic and The Way of Service

Public Applications

In Los Angeles, I started and admined a home birthing center which utilized my Simon & Schuster publication, Joyous Childbirth which sold around a million copies, and predated the concepts which made "La Maze" birthing a household expression. We delivered some 3500 kids with zero mortality rate. Not bad, eh? Let's see a hospital match those statistics!

We had two MDs on staff, two RNs and an LVN and we ran our own "gas wagons" -- EMT vans, with hospital privileges at Children's Hospital and, thanks to my dear friend Danny Thomas, whom I had met through Les & Mike Nicola back when I was an art student at Otis, we also had access to St. Jude's. In NYC, we worked with Glenn at the neonatal clinic at Mount Sinai.

Naturally, while we were there with a variety of prolapsed and collapsed cords and other delivery problems -- if anything went even slightly wrong, we opted for the hospital -- we met quite a large number of young patients, one of whom, a terminal leukemia patient, expressed that he wanted more than anything in the world to meet Jimmy Piersall, who happened to be a close friend of mine (see photos in my biography, More Color, Less Soul.

I phoned, and in a split second, Jimmy said he'd be there, and he was. Point of the story? I ran into the same kid almost 20 years later on a business trip to L.A., and he attributed his survival to that visit. That's the basis of the Make-A-Wish concept as I understand it, and in this case, it certainly seems to have worked that way.

Since that time, I've used magic to open the door for a lot of kids in trouble. I see applications (the kids would call them APPS now) for this in a variety of different venues:

  1. schools
  2. lectures
  3. hospitals
  4. street
  5. boardwalks
  6. theme parks
  7. bus stations
  8. railway stations
  9. airports
  10. casino hotels
  11. unemployment offices
  12. medical waiting rooms
  13. correctional facilities
  14. houses of worship
  15. ticket lines
  16. intermissions
  17. parties
  18. weddings
  19. funerals (great opportunities here to use as teaching tool)
  20. trade shows
  21. malls
  22. retail shops
  23. community centers
  24. homeless shelters (can inspire and teach how to busk)
  25. tupperware parties
  26. auto dealership salesrooms
  27. stadiums (outside exit)
  28. parking lots (not indoor, make sure it's safe)
  29. restaurants
  30. clubs
  31. home concerts

There are so many more potential venues and performance opportunities, and I'd like to tell you about all of them. I certainly will, if you take my home study course, Magic as a Way of Service.

Along with the entertainment and Sense of Wonder values, you have the opportunity to expose your audience to the incredible effects of beta blockers, just by wearing them. I prefer the Quantum Witch for this purpose, because it has the greatest "reach", about 16 meters, and has the most powerful environmental "circle of peace" effect.

Whichever amulet you use, it will certainly bring about a peace and harmony atmosphere around your performance, and those few moments of higher astral plane healing power added to the common medical practices on the physical plane may well bring about results not predictable by ordinary methods.

If your goal is to bring magic into the lives of desperately ill kids, you have truly found the gift of Service. Of course, there's no money in it, but then, there's no money in anything I recommend.

Please advise me if this is your goal, and I will help you to craft up a unique and hilarious routine designed for bedside and visiting room application.

If you can't participate in that way, don't despair! You can send a donation of any amount and let us help people who wish to work in this way but can't afford to give their time toward these spiritually healing efforts without some financial aid from YOU.

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Contact me directly for more information about how you can participate in this Great Work!

Gorby (EJ Gold)