Daylight Seance

by E.J. Gold

Price: $295.95

HAND-MADE here in California, can be performed with tambourines, vent doll, talking head, dancing hanky, hand puppet. A large number of objects can be thrown about, or one object rim-floated. Makes a great ancillary gimmick for effects such as panty-switch, fan work, levitations, ghost contacts, decaps and switches.

Almost everyone can astral project in my homeworld, and we're taught at an early age how to manifest our ectoplasm. I'll levitate something to show you how it's done.

You simply reach out with your ectoplasm and form astral hands. Then manifest them with a mighty mantram, and there you have it...

Keep in mind that this is indeed a spirit moving the tambourine, but not a recently deceased spirit. It's my own spirit moving that tambourine.