Spirit Telegraph

Price: $3200.00

Morse Spirit Telegraph -- You get a genuine antique brass 1850s telegraph key & SOUNDER, which is unattached to any circuit & can actually be triggered by ectoplasmic forms, or, alternately, by using my original impenetrable gaff & gimmick which I used in my 1955 mentalist act in New York's Magic Hat Club on 47th & Broadway under the tutelage of the legendary Sam Merwin and my first magic teacher, Bruce Elliott.

Why settle for a "yes" or "no" answer, when you can get a fully articulated and rapidly communicated message from Beyond the Grave?

All you and your spirit contact need is a knowledge of Morse Code, easily learned in a single day.

Sometimes a spirit might not have the strength to ring bells or fling tambourines around, but they do have just enough power to communicate through small amounts of electricity.

Ectoplasm is a kind of very low power static electrical field. It takes very little energy to alter an electrical current if the voltage is low enough.

This is a Spirit Telegraph made in the year 1851. It consists of a battery and an electromagnet that operates the key. Normally, it would be wired to another station somewhere else, but this telegraph is different. Instead of a wire leading to another station, this telegraph key has a twin set of electrostatic plates.

When contact is made between the two plates, the telegraph key will click. I'll make that contact with a knife blade to show you how it works.

Now instead of a knife blade, we'll simply insert a small cloud of highly charged spiritual ectoplasm between the two flat copper plates and see what happens.

When the ectoplasm is thick enough between the two copper plates, we instantly get a click from the telegraph key -- more ectoplasm, we get a dash, less dense ectoplasm, we get a rapid click called in telegraphy a dash.

The Spirit Telegraph is a great way for someone without a lot of ecto power to test his or her ability to astral project, by simply projecting through the place where the plates are placed.