Spirit Table

Price: $3200.00

Table knocks, Ouija board goes crazy, objects rise, ghostly spirits appear everywhere -- includes actual antique seance table, spirit objects, gimmick & DVD.

"Well, Henry is very strong and he's able to do things that most disembodied spirits just can't do.

"This antique table came from a thrift shop. It had with it an old cardboard ouija board and planchette. I had an antique dealer look at the table. She said it was about 1849, which is the time of the california gold rush.

"Spiritualism was very popular after 1848 when the Fox sisters started a landslide of interest in the subject. By the time this little sťance table was constructed, everyone was having a seance every night for entertainment.

"Don't forget, there was no radio, no television, no public entertainment except at holidays. You had several choices. You could go out to the tavern and drink. You could stay home and read, if you owned a book and could afford tallow. Or you could sing, tell stories or just trundle off to bed.

"Or," you continue, "...you could hold a seance, and try to contact the dead on the other side.

"I am convinced that this authentic Victorian seance table was used for just such a purpose. At that time, smaller, more intimate seances were the style. Only much later, in the 1920s and 30s, were larger theatrical and stage seances commonly held.

"I'm going to place the ouija board on the table. Note that it fits perfectly and that there is just enough room around the table to seat four friends. This is the original planchette to this rather time-worn vintage 1923 ouija board.

"Let's see if Henry is strong enough tonight to indicate his presence at the ouija board." ... you get the entire script and my DVD showing the exact routine and system of manipulation for this theatrical authentic Victorian Seance!