Casino Chip

by E.J. Gold

Price: $189.95

You show a small object which is given to a spec ("spectator" to the uninitiated) to hold in his or her left hand, without the person seeing what you put there.

You get my performance DVD and everything you need to make this into a killer effect that will collect a crowd anywhere!

When the chip is in the spec's hand, you continue ..."Although you can't see it at the moment, you can feel that it's a flat round thing -- in fact, it's a genuine casino chip.

We all know that modern playing cards are based on the tarot deck, and are often used for fortunetelling as well as gambling, and that particular casino chip has to do with both gaming and psychic readings."

You then bring out a small packet of six special cards

Remember the game of rock, paper, scissor? In this case, you will extend your choice of a number of fingers of one hand, which will determine the outcome of the game.

I'll say, 'Ready, set, go!' and you put extend any number of fingers on your left or right hand, but just one hand, please.

Good. Now, we'll look at the cards to find out what this means psychically."

" could've put out all five fingers, or four, or two, or one, or none. You decided on your own to extend (let's say) three. Each number of fingers extended relates to a color, which in turn indicates what emotional aspect governs your current emotional state."

The performer turns over the packet, showing that the first card has on its face a drawing of a red hand with all fingers extended. "Red means passion. If you'd held out all five fingers, it would indicate that you are momentarily ruled by passion. As you didn't, that's not your mood at the moment."

That card is dealt aside. The next shows a yellow hand with four fingers extended. "Yellow is a cautionary hue. If you'd shown four fingers, it would mean that you tend to proceed carefully, never rushing into any situation. But that's not your guiding aspect at this time."

That card is tabled. The next shows a green hand with three fingers outstretched. "Ah," says the performer, "you did display three, so I'll wait before explaining its significance."

That card is set apart from the others. The next card shows a purple hand with two fingers raised. "Violet represents elegance. Such would be your definitive quality, had you shown two fingers. As you didn't, well, elegance is clearly not your most important trait."

That card is tabled. The next shows an orange hand, one finger extended. "This gesture seems rather accusatory, and indeed the meaning of orange is anger and confrontation. Lucky for me, you don't have that attitude today."

That card is dealt aside. The final card shows a black hand, curled into a fist. "Not surprisingly, no fingers shown indicates a predilection for secrecy

He turns his attention to the card with the spectator's chosen number -- the green hand with three fingers raised -- and explains, "The color green has a straightforward meaning. It indicates envy. At this moment, you're about to feel an overpowering sense of that, as you envy my ability to have known ahead of time to put a green chip in your hand!"

The spectator/participant opens his or her fist, and looks at the gaming chip for the first time. Indeed, it is green, for a stunning resolution.

You are provided with a set of six specially printed cards, plus five differently colored GENUINE COLLECTIBLE CASINO chips corresponding to the card colors, and very detailed instructions on how to present this mind-blower! People will come back to see you perform this over and over again, and they'll bring their friends over to your corner to see their reactions!