Houdini Mini-Straitjacket Escape

Price: $225.00


That's right! And YOU can make headlines, too, just as I did! This is an incredible, impossible miniature Houdini Straitjacket escape that happens right before their eyes, and right before your eyes, too!

Complete comedy routine on my special performance DVD makes this a hilarious little gaff that fits in with any closeup or escape act.

"That sneaky little Houdini Straitjacket has escaped again!" you exclaim, then you then produce the miniature Houdini straitjacket from a second, totally impossible, location!

Absurdly expensive to manufacture this little effect, but totally worth every penny from my performance perspective. I used this on Friday, October 29, for a strolling audience of over 3,000 as reported in a large well-placed article in The Union newspaper, and have made it an important part of my street busking act.