Houdini Escape

by E.J. Gold

Price: $450.00

Hilarious send-up of the famous Houdini Strait-Jacket Escape, but with a difference -- you escape from your own suit jacket. Any jacket will work. This will tear up any audience and leave them gasping for breath.

Includes three types of shackles, performance guide DVD and everything you need. This is a full-size stage show as well as a street performance dream! I include my own version of a handmade full-stage DAVENPORT SEANCE CURTAIN, CUSTOM SHACKLES and stunning newspaper, tv and radio publicity ideas and poster concepts to make this into a great audience builder and reputation maker for you! The Seance Curtain doubles its function -- it can be used for a Davenport Spirit Cabinet Effect as well.

Houdini was in such peak physical shape that he was able to dislocate body parts and free himself from some of the toughest straight jackets ever manufactured. You admit that you are not exactly in the same phenomenal physical condition Houdini was, so you will attempt to escape from your own suit jacket, which can be male or female in construction. Any suit will do, even a borrowed jacket.

As the audience laughter dies down, you explain that to make it even more challenging than merely removing your jacket, your wrists are to be shackled and bound.

Two volunteers are invited to inspect the shackles and locks, and they then proceed to lock the shackles tightly but not dangerously so, onto your wrists.

A curtain is raised by the two volunteers. It's at this point that the hilarious mayhem begins! The curtain is raised and lowered several times, each time revealing the performer (and the jacket) in more and more ludicrous physical positions where the jacket is now backwards, upside down, sideways and more, which get funnier and funnier until the final incredible finish, when you remove the jacket WITH HANDS STILL SHACKLED, and then, suddenly, you use BOTH free hands to shake the hands of the volunteers! Leaves the audience utterly breathless!

I have performed this with an audience of upwards of 2,000 and it does play BIG!!!