Houdini Spirit Lights

by Geno Munari

Price: $89.95

The amazing new Houdini SPIRIT LIGHTS are probably one of the most visual and act enhancing props that you can have in your magic arsenal! One of my personal favorite effects!!!

You show your hands front and back and wiggle your fingers, to demonstrate that your hands are empty. They show totally clean with no sleights or effort on your part.

Then you start mysteriously producing light at your very fingertips, making the light appear out of thin air, then you mentally cause the light to move around, passing the light from one hand to another and then making the point of light disappear as quickly as it appeared. You can produce light in water, behind your hands, anywhere.

Anyone can easily do this effect. With my performance DVD, you will be able to produce some amazing effects that cannot be done with any other device. Batteries are easily replaced in this undetectible, totally amazing gimmick!

For street, club or small theater, this is one effect you will use again and again, and your audience will keep coming back for more!

Makes a great transition to other light effects, dancing hanky and more, all of which I show you in my performance DVD! I also include some performance extras and a special carry case for this stunning street and club effect.