Kirwan Prediction Box Platinum

Price: $125.00

The effect is simple, straightforward, and the method is devilishly fiendish.

A spectator is invited to select ANY of the four bills (a totally free choice), write down its serial number, and return the bill to the box or hand it back to the performer. The performer recounts that the spectator had a free choice of any of the four bills, and that before the effect began, a prediction was placed inside the box. Lifting the tray, the performer clearly and cleanly shows the single piece of paper at the bottom of the box. The spectator is asked to remove the prediction, open it, and read it aloud to the audience. It states the chosen denomination bill along with the EXACT serial number!

But there's more! You also get my custom-made bases with a four-pack of totemic animals -- a pig, an elephant, a panda and a coyote to expand the effect into its Platinum format! These are expensive as heck to make, and they are definitely labor-intensive, but it's worth it for YOUR work!