Fleetzie & Flootzie the Acrobatic Ants

by E.J. Gold

Price: $39.95

A whole act in itself. My earliest street effect, learned in 1952 from Flea Circus Exhibitor, my friend Herb Khaury, who later became the famous rock star "Tiny Tim". Comes complete with everything you need for a hysterically funny and inexpensive street performance.

This is my all-time favorite. Special thanks to my wonderful friends Paul and Ken at Hocus-Pocus for finding and sending along to me a 1952 vintage original of the famous Fly Circus, upon which this routine is built, thus ending a 50-year quest to find a replacement of my originals, now long-lost in the mists of time.

After more than a month of research, I found a place that would manufacture a Perfect Custom Paddle...The handles must be ovoid, not flat, and the weight must be perfectly balanced, which is rare in a paddle these days. Vintage paddles were great, but unobtainable. The ants and spider were a total luck find ... most are too big and show badly when the paddles are exposed.

These are ideal for the beginning student, and show clearly how to manage paddle moves; I show you how to smooth out your manipulations, and make them elegant. Includes two gaffed paddles, a clean-finish paddle, and two extra "wipe-off" ants, plus a wicked Black Widow spider for a flashy finish.