Time Stopper!

Price: $225.00

Stop the Flow of Time!!! Totally Spooky! NO hand skills, no thread, no wire, no physical connection! You get ungimmicked watch, my special gimmick and an instruction & performance DVD.

The beauty of this gimmick is that IT does all the work for you. There is no need for you to conceal anything! It's all done completely in the open, totally clean throughout the effect! There are other features for this gimmick -- they are listed below:

  • Stop Time!!!
  • Move Almost Any Small, Light Ojbect -- no sleights!!!
  • Chopless Chop-Cup
  • Coin Production and Vanish without coin skills
  • Dancing hanky or napkin
  • Instant Automatic French Drop, no sleights needed
  • Instant Automatic Vanish with no hand manipulation

Limited only by the extent of your imagination, comes with 2 routines and a special SECRET ACCESSORY that makes the impossible come true!

  • Routine 1 - Stopping Time
  • Routine 2 - Coin Through Glass

Specify color of metal & ring size at time of order!

You have your choice of Gold, Silver or Black.

  • SMALL - US Ring Size 9 (Approximately 19mm Diameter) Or 16mm, 17mm and 18mm.
  • MEDIUM - US Ring Size 11 1/2 (Approximately 21mm Diameter) Or 20mm
  • MEDIUM - US Ring Size 12 3/4 (Approximately 22mm Diameter)
  • LARGE - US Ring Size 14 (Approximately 23mm Diameter)
  • LARGE - US Ring Size 15 1/4 (Approximately 24mm Diameter)
  • EXTRA LARGE - US Ring Size 16 1/4 (Approximately 25mm Diameter)