Elephant To Mouse

Price: $19.95

A great little invention of mine, developed especially for all my Beginning Magic students, with my Houdini storyline, you transform an elephant into a mouse. No skill required, the gimmick does all the work!

The idea for this little street trick came to me while sitting at my workbench, staring at three different tricks, all of which require some handling skills, thinking "How in the world can I make this work for a beginner who has not yet developed sleight skills?

The three gimmicks started blending together and dancing about in my madcap brain and this is the result. It meets all three criteria for a beginning magic student:

  1. It's simple to set up, operate and finish even without handling skills.
  2. It leaves room for improvement in handling skills that make it better.
  3. It's fiendishly simple, yet effective.

So, there you have it. A simple trick, easy handling, fast finish. And best of all, you can retail this trick to your audience after the performance, but there's a catch: they must take the magician's oath before purchasing the trick from you.

Will the audience know how it's done? Probably, but if your backstory is good, they won't really care. The whole point is to get you to learn how to weave a short story into the trick, and to learn the basics of audience reaction even before you've learned how to effectively handle gaffs, gimmicks and fekes. You'll learn more about these important elements of magic as you progress through my Beginner's Magic Course. See you LIVE online!