Magic Pea Can Platinum

by E.J. Gold

Price: $19.95

A spectator is asked to select one of three items: a pea, a navy bean or a piece of popcorn. All three are put inside a small "Magic Peas" can and plugged with the cork.

You get my performance DVD and everything you need to make this into a terrific part of any street, restaurant tableside or strolling busker act.

The spectator is asked to hold out his hand and concentrate on the item he selected. You then open up the container and state, "You were thinking of...the pea!" and pour water out into his hand!

Very easy to perform, and like fart joke, never fails to get a laugh. Totally great blowoff and tease point for a street act.

Extras come with this charming little effect, making it the Platinum Edition of Pea Cans.