The Pig From Another Dimension

Price: $69.95

Another new invention of mine, the Pig From Another Dimension, takes the skill of transference to a "whole 'nother level", as Luke Skywalker would say.

It's NOT about the mechanics, although they are important. You will learn a whole new set of applications for the basic sleight skills you've already learned in Pack 1.

A pig somewhat unwillingly enters a Trans-Parallel Universe Transporter device, is whisked away to another dimension, and returns with a special Personal Fortune for your spectator volunteer -- a mysterious message from that strange, strange world, just for them.

It turns out that the message is backwards and can only be read in a mirror, yet when handed to the spectator as a souvenir, the message reads correctly!

Everything you need for this amazing effect, including my unique newly invented and developed performance and instructional DVD.

This is great for closeup, and you'll take it everywhere you go!