Awesome Boobies

Price: $89.95

Another of my recent inventions for street busking, Awesome Boobies does it every time -- draws them in and keeps them there! A comedy routine that you will use again and again as a crowd-drawing device.

You promise at the beginning of your act to show the Awesome Boobies, since there are so many requests for it, but first....and you lead them through a few intro effects, then -- it's time for Awesome Boobies!

Absolutely G Rated! Totally appropriate for young audiences, the Boobies turn out to be dumb guys who get caught in a TimeStream Device that sends them back to the Stone Age -- in their case, that's about two weeks.

Really fun little piece for any closeup situation, and it will keep your audience rooted there for the first few minutes at least, in a street presentation, in expectation of those Awesome Boobies!