Voodoo Doll Business Card

Price: $69.95

Includes my performance and secrets DVD!!! This amazing effect will get your business card into a spectator's hands and make them want to keep it as a souvenir. A total MUST-HAVE for any performer!

You display a small black cloth voodoo doll and a hat pin, along with your business card, on the back of which is printed a graphic of the doll.

You explain the magical law "Like Affects Like", and then, on your suggestion, the spectator pierces the voodoo doll with the pin and lo & behold!!! The printed doll graphic on the back of your business card has a hole in the EXACT PLACE where the spectator pierced the little cloth voodoo doll, thus clearly demonstrating the magical connection between the doll and the picture of the doll, which is the magical principle "like affects like".

You explain that this is a positive application of the basic principle, "Like Affects Like".