Psychic Bunny

by E.J. Gold

Price: $34.95

A cute, teensy-weensy magician's top hat is displayed. The top of the hat is sprung open and out pops a small very cute little tiny bunny named "Sysiphus". You show a 1 inch ball the bunny likes to play with. He rolls it up one hill, watches it roll down and then rolls it up the next hill.

A spectator is asked to hide the ball either inside the top hat or in his or her closed fist while you -- and the bunny -- look away.

Even though it is now impossible to see inside the hat or the spectator's closed fist the bunny will use his psychic powers to determine where the ball is hidden -- in the top hat or in the spectator's fist.

The bunny is placed on top of the hat and then on top of the spectator's closed hand, back and forth several times as the bunny takes a psychic reading...

You now hold the bunny to your ear, where he apparently whispers something to you. You nod, then announce the bunny's psychic prediction as to the location of the ball. IT IS CORRECT!

Rarely do you find an effect that has it all, but this does...the method fools everyone, it has a great emotional hook, and it leaves the audience with a BIG reaction!

Easy to perform, no sleight skills or "cold reading" skills necessary!